glute muscles

Your Butt Muscles – 5 Things You Must Know about It

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t appreciate a firm, shapely posterior? While the visual appeal of these gluteal muscles (the technical term for the muscles in your buttocks) is undeniable, I’m even more focused on their function. This is crucial because underdeveloped gluteal muscles can have a more significant impact than you might realize on the health of your back and other body parts.

In fact, the root cause of numerous back and neck problems often lies in the pelvic region, with limited hip mobility and ineffective gluteal muscles frequently to blame.

1. It’s a Threesome! 

butt muscles - gluteus minimus
butt muscles - gluteus medius
butt muscles - gluteus maximus

2. Your Glutes and Lower Abs are Good Friends

3. Motion is Lotion 

butt muscles foam roller exercise

4. Cellulite Go Away! 

5. The Lazy Butt Syndrome