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Work up a Sweat with Bouncing on a Rebounder

Who said Trampoline is only for kids? Level up your cardio workout to new heights (literally) with bouncing on a rebounder.

With this challenging and fun workout you’ll feel like you’re back in time… back to being a kid again! Don’t we all wish it sometimes? Well… when it comes to your cardio workout, this is the closest you can get. Ironically, this workout can actually help you rejuvenate, feel vital, fit and happy!

You may not be so familiar with this type of cardio workout because unfortunately not many wellness centers and gyms offer these Trampoline workouts. Why is that? I can think of a few reasons like space, liability and shortage of instructors who know how to teach this class format. During my professional fitness career I was lucky enough to teach Trampoline classes for a few years in a beautiful wellness facility. It was a big success and people absolutely loved it! We bounced and jumped, toned up and stretched our muscles, but most of all- we perspired! Drenched with salty sweat, but with the biggest smiles on our face 🙂

If your goal is to improve your fitness level, your stamina, burn calories and tone up while having fun, this could be the right fit for you- Mini Trampoline – Link to Bellicon Trampoline website (affiliated program).

Some of the many health and fitness benefits include:

1. It’s a full body workout

this one fantastic piece of equipment allows you to tone-up your body, strengthen your core and maximize your cardio level.

2. Improve your balance

By either performing aerobic or strength exercises on the trampoline, your core muscles will be very much challenged. Being on the trampoline is “forcing” your core muscled to fire-up in order to keep you balanced and stable.

3. Soft and easy on the joints

Thanks to the low impact of the bouncing.

4. Detox your body

Bouncing on the trampoline helps to energize your lymphatic system and keep your health vibrant by flushing toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body. A total cleanse from the inside out.

5. Help to lose body fat

Together with a good diet plan, this workout will help you to control your weight, burn many calories and even shed body fat.

6. Relive back pain

A gentle low impact workout on the trampoline is an excellent way to keep your back healthy and strong. It will strengthen your core muscles that support the back, lubricate your joints and improve balance and coordination.

7. Reduce stress

The act of bouncing up and down on the trampoline provides immediate relaxation; physical as well as emotional. The release of endorphins, the natural “mood boosters”, makes you feel more peaceful, centered, and help to counter the effects of stress and anxiety.

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