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Best Pilates Rings and Exercises to Up Your Game

The Pilates ring, alternatively known as a Pilates circle or magic circle, often humorously referred to as “the ring of fire,” is a compact but effective tool in the world of Pilates. Originally crafted by Joseph Pilates, this prop is versatile, used both in mat Pilates and on Pilates machines. It’s designed for targeting specific muscle groups, adding diversity to workouts, and providing assistance in certain exercises, making it a staple in Pilates ring exercises.

The Pilates ring, often referred to as a Pilates circle or magic circle, is a versatile fitness tool primarily used in Pilates workouts. Typically made of flexible metal or rubber, this ring measures around 12-14 inches in diameter and is equipped with pads on both sides for a comfortable grip. It offers resistance when squeezed or pressed, particularly between the arms or legs.

How Do we use the Pilates Ring in Pilates Workouts ?

These rings are integral in exercises targeting the arms, chest, inner and outer thighs, and abdominal muscles. They can be utilized in various positions, including sitting, standing, or lying down, making them suitable for a comprehensive Pilates workout or for specific exercises.

Benefits of Using a Pilates Ring

Incorporating a Pilates ring into your routine can enhance posture, balance, and core strength. It provides a low-impact workout, gentle on the joints, making it ideal for use in Pilates studios, gyms, or even at home.

Toning and Strengthening with Pilates Rings

Pilates rings help create resistance, aiding in toning and strengthening muscles, especially in the arms, legs, and core area. They also contribute to improved flexibility and balance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Pilates practitioner, these rings are a valuable addition to your exercise regimen and can be easily found in many studios or purchased for home use.

Join a Mat Pilates Session

Looking to elevate your Pilates practice or add some variety to your routine? Grab your ring and join me for a mat Pilates session incorporating this dynamic tool.

Best Pilates rings I recommend:

  1. AeroPilates magic circle is made of rubber with padded foam grips. At just 2 lbs and a 14.5″ diameter, you can easily take this yoga ring anywhere with you.

2. Gaiam Pilates Ring – 15″ Lightweight with durable foam dadded handles 

pilates ring exercises

3. Balanced Body Ultra-Light Pilates Ring made of high-quality flexible plastic with a rubberized shell. Padded ergonomic handles that are soft, pliable, and easy to hold.

Balanced Body is known for their high quality Pilates apparatuses and accessories. If you consider purchasing your Pilates machine I highly recommend Balanced Body. For free consultation and a discount please email hello@mormovement.com

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