Welcome to 4More Workouts!

The ultimate destination for low-impact strength training tailored specifically for women. My unique program combines bodyweight exercises, weight training, flexibility and core strengthening in a compact format.

4More workouts are designed with two to three sequences, allowing for flexible durations ranging from a quick 10-minute session to a more intensive 60-minute workout, depending on your schedule and fitness level.

Each sequence involves four exercises performed consecutively, with one minute allotted for each. After completing all four exercises in four minutes, you’ll take a one-minute break before either repeating the sequence—if it targets one side of the body—or moving on to the next set.

In cases of asymmetrical sequences, it’s essential to perform the exercises on the opposite side for balance. Moreover, for a more comprehensive workout, I recommend repeating the sequence at least once or twice more, incorporating advanced variations of each exercise to challenge your body further.

This series, 4More, offers a distinctive approach by omitting voice-over instructions. This choice stems from two considerations: first, the challenge of delivering clear instructions while personally engaging in the workouts, which can lead to core muscle imbalances. Second, the additional time required for voice-over production and video editing delays content release. To maximize the output and maintain my physical health, these workouts will feature only background music and beeps to signal the start and end of each exercise, including special beeps for advanced or beginner variations.

Detailed instructions are in progress, and a direct link to these resources will be provided in the description of each YouTube video, ensuring you have access to all necessary instructions to enhance your fitness journey.

Enjoy Your Workouts!

Mor 😉